The Pittsingers

I have and the privilege of photographing a dear friend of mine Amy and her sweet family. Amy is an amazing photographer and is so creative!!
For months Amy and I have talked about doing a session with an old bed. I was thrilled when everything came together and it finally happened!! She called Rent my Dust the amazing Rita came and set it all up so nicely! We were a little nervous because it had rain so much all week! That day is stop just for us!
I adore photographing this family so much! They are so easy going and so fun to be around. I still crack up thinking about all the crazy animal, tribal, unidentified noises we had to make to get Henry to give us one of his heart melting smiles!
Thank you Derek, Amy, and Henry of allowing me to be there for such wonderful milestones in your lives!!! We need to start prepping for the next session!!!

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