Maxx is ONE!

Look at this cute little guy with all that hair! I think he gets it from his dad! lol Little Maxx was so precious and he really enjoyed his birthday cake. It was so funny how he really just let us know when he was done. Thank you guys for letting me be part of these fun memories!!

Baby Rance is here!

Little Rance is here and he has already been showered by so much love! This little guy is so sweet and easy going. We had some hysterical laughs when he did poopy all over dad and pee all over mom!! I thought it was awesome how mom and dad had such a great sense of humor about the little accidents!! They are some of my favorite pictures!! We also got some sweet pictures of Rance and his grandparents that were visiting!
Thank you for letting me be part of such a special day! It always so much fun to see the whole family and hang out with those sweet girls.

I love this picture!!! Nothing like a little poopy to let dad know you are at home!

Baby George

I was so happy to meet little George. He was so sweet and just snuggled up to his mom and dad.
Thank you so much for letting be part of such a wonderful season in your lives!! It is always so great to see you all!