Fall Baby

There is not a baby more smiley than this guy! We wanted to do a sink bath session but since he is a fall baby we used pumpkins instead of bubbles! He had so much fun splashing around. It was hard to choose a favorite! I am excited to share his cake

smash session soon!!

Mama Nelly

This weekend we celebrated my grandmother’s 80th birthday!!! I hope I look as youthful as my beautiful abuela when I am 80 years old!! Feliz Cumpleños Mama Nelly!!

The B.L.T.

I am so excited for my friends Leon and Ray for starting up their food truck, The B.L.T. ! This is their dream come true! We were hanging out and checking out the Truck . It is so cool inside to see all the equipment and all their ideas!! They just got the truck wrapped with the logo so we will do an official photo shoot soon! I am just Thrilled for them!!
I have been friends with Leon since I was 13 years old!! He has always been such a amazing friend to our family. I know you guys will go so far!! Can’t wait to see a couple more of these trucks out there!
The Food pics were done the lovely Liz Hopkins!!

YES! that would be Ray hugging the Truck!!

Hanging in the clouds!!!

My daughter is such a smart and creative little kiddo!! I saw this picture on Pintrest and knew that I wanted do right away!  Maissa just looked at it and said “ Got it mom”.  After she added some of her extra touches we were ready to go!!!

To my demise, my child does NOT like that camera in any shape or form!! : (   If it is silliness she is there is there so fast. I guess that is what happens with some photographer’s kids!! I really need to get one of my friends to photographer her one day and see how she does!!