Lauren’s Cap and Gown Session

I can’t believe this year has passed by so fast!! I also can’t believe this is Lauren’s last session for her senior year. Photographing her at the beginning of the year until now, I have seen how she has grown up so much.  Thank you, Lauren, for letting me be part of your senior year!! I have had so much fun with you and can’t wait to see the things you do!!

Mentzer family

I cannot begin to imagine how it is to have a house of 4 boys! Mom and dad should be so proud because these boys did so amazing for their family session. They are sweet and so goofy with each other so it makes it easy to capture these fun pictures. I love to see the close-up of the brothers because you get to see all the different hair color!
Thank you guys for another great family session.

The Davis Family

This is a long post but PLEASE take the time to read it and look at their pictures.
I had the great privilege to meet the wonderful Davis family several months ago. A dear friend told me of their story and we wanted to meet them right away. My husband and I set off to Crawford , TX to join them for the day.
About a year ago Shawn was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and then it spread to his liver. At the same time they welcomed a baby boy!! Shawn and his family have gone through a really hard journey this past year . However in the mist of all this struggle they have the most beautiful and peaceful faith I have ever seen. You just don’t know what you will be like when you are faced with a prognosis like this but the Lord’s love radiates through the Davis family. They are a true testimony of the abundant love our Father has for us!

In his last post to their care bridge Shawn wrote:
I heard a glimpse of the tone of the Creator in a controlled roaring beautiful boom of a whisper to me, “YOU ARE MINE! AND YOU WILL SOON BE HOME WITH ME!” ,

Reading that rocked me to my core because it makes Heaven so tangible. Quality of life is very important to them right now so Shawn is back at home in hospice care enjoying his family and friends.

Thanks you Shawn, Karen and Kage for letting us document your sweet family. I want you to know that getting to know you and reading all your updates had changed our lives! We keep you all in a constant prayer and thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony with us.

Please take a moment to read their care bridge.

They have had so many expenses to endure ,please help them out as much as you can.
Here is the way you can give online, make sure you choose DAVIS Fund Project.
To give Online: (through Harvest Link)
Click Need a login? Link
Enter your information and you will be taken to the giving screen.
Follow the directions on the screen. At step 2 make sure you choose Davis Fund Project.
Finish the steps adding your payment information. You can even setup scheduled recurring gifts if you want.
100% of the gifts designated to the Davis Fund go to that project. You will receive a year end tax statement automatically if you give in excess of $100.

Here is their session!!

The B.L.T.

I am so excited for my friends Leon and Ray for starting up their food truck, The B.L.T. ! This is their dream come true! We were hanging out and checking out the Truck . It is so cool inside to see all the equipment and all their ideas!! They just got the truck wrapped with the logo so we will do an official photo shoot soon! I am just Thrilled for them!!
I have been friends with Leon since I was 13 years old!! He has always been such a amazing friend to our family. I know you guys will go so far!! Can’t wait to see a couple more of these trucks out there!
The Food pics were done the lovely Liz Hopkins!!

YES! that would be Ray hugging the Truck!!