Lauren’s Seniors

I had the amazing privilege to photograph such an awesome senior! I knew this session was going to be amazing when I saw her wardrobe selections! She had each outfit already organized with their own accessories ! She has such a great sense of style and picked such beautiful colors!! Yes……her eyes really are that blue! That turquoise made them shine so much , it was my favorite color on her.
I love when you can see the girly side of a senior but then you see the athlete in them as well. It is the best of both worlds.
Thank you Lauren so much for letting me do your pictures! Hands down my favorite part of the session was to see the beautiful relationship between you and your mom! It is such a fantastic thing to see nowadays and it something you will treasure always! Have a incredible senior year!!!

Baby Joseph is here!

My dearest and oldest friend had a beautiful baby boy!! I can’t believe her and I used to run around at recess at 9 years old and now here she is with baby #4 !! I can hardly believe it!
This little guy is so cute only 4 days old in these pictures! He was a little wiggly worm and the hungriest baby I have seen! I will be back to do more with his big brothers and sister!
Thanks guys for letting me squish your beautiful baby!

Freeman Family !

I have am so excited to share this beautiful family session! They are all the sweetest people and have such precious happy babies. I had too many favorites to choose from so this is a big post. I have always wanted to do a bath and bubbles session and the babies really liked it. I think it is wonderful to have cousins so close in age that will grow up like siblings.
Thank you all so much for letting my take such fun pictures of your family!