We had such a fun visit with family from out of town!! My baby cousins turned one! It is so funny that I have one year old first cousins. My mom’s little brother who is my uncle, we grow up like cousins. I have the best childhood memories of him. He is only a 5 years older than me but he really took his role as an uncle very serious!!  Here are some pictures of all the munchkins that weekend! I miss them so much already! They loved them some cake

My daughter was in Heaven playing with the babies!!



I Love Seniors !!! Laura

We had lots of fun shooting Laura’s Session!! She is our sweet niece and it is so unreal that she is so grown up!! If you know Laura, you know that she loves, purple, history, books and being in the band!! Here are some cute shots we did around town!!

Thanks so much Laura, I was so much fun and we are so PROUD of you!!!



YAAAAAAAAY  I have new BLOG!!!

I was going to merge my old blog to this one but sometimes it is a great feeling to start fresh!!! I have some really fun shoots to share and just my fun life as mom and wife!! Thank you guys so much for visiting and lots Blessings!!